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R&D Updates

ExtremeHurst Excitation – Relaxation model, February 2022.

Hurst Bands and VolumeTrend usage tips, October 2022.

How to Fix Common Bloomberg Issues, Nov 2022.

ExtremeHurst Users Guide for Bloomberg

A users guide to our unique financial tools on Bloomberg are described in ExtremeHurst Users Guide for Bloomberg

ExtremeHurst – The Power of Knowing When

Bloomberg ExtremeHurst presentation “The Power of Knowing When” in November 2020.

The Self-Driving Portfolio NYSSA & MTA Presentation

Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive Fundamental and Technical Investing

How Artificial Intelligence Can Inform Investment Decisions

 A Bloomberg Interview with S. Kris Kaufman, President of Parallax Financial Research

Solutions Platform Users Guide for TradeStation

Our unique financial tools on TradeStation are described in the Parallax Solutions Platform Users Guide. Contact us for a demo.

Jan 2013 MTA Presentation on ExtremeHurst

ExtremeHurst is discussed in this MTA presentation Financial Seismology: Exploiting the Hurst Exponent [287MB WMV file]. A discussion of the technology behind our ExtremeHurst product.

Trident Trade Management Technology

Our probability-based trade stop and target management technology.

Apr 2014 MTA Presentation on Price-Volume Sequences

PV Crossovers, VolumeTrend, and a Generalized Gartley Model are discussed in this MTA presentation Forecasting Potential of Price-Volume Sequences. A discussion of the technology behind our price-volume products.

ExtremeHurst on Bloomberg Marketing Flyer

Our most recent ExtremeHurst on Bloomberg flyer.

Price Wizard on Bloomberg Marketing Flyer

Our most recent Price Wizard on Bloomberg flyer.

Parallax on TradeStation Marketing Flyer

Our most recent Parallax Marketing flyer.

Parallax Article in Bloomberg Technical Brief

Bloomberg Technical Brief, April 23, 2015.

Cycles Magazine Article

A New Method of Forecasting Trend Change Dates, published in the September 1990 issue of Cycles Magazine.

1991 MTA Journal Magazine Article

The Use of Price-Volume Crossover Patterns in Technical Analysis, published in the Spring 1991 issue of the MTA Journal.

Training a Value-Growth Neural Network

Training a Value vs. Growth Neural Network, published internally at Parallax.