The Market Technicians Association recognized Parallax for Distinguished Achievement in Computer Assisted Analysis at the 1997 Best of the Best award ceremony.

Client Quotes

“I have been an enthusiastic follower of Parallax for years. The stunning originality of their work has impressed me time and time again, making their input an essential part of the trading process which I have used to return 1250% for my investors during 1994.”

Richard Edwards, CTA, HED Capital Ltd, London

“The turns are future-looking and consistent…All last year I was prepared ahead of every major turn…It’s a great tool!”

Tom Lauman, Senior Equity Trader, ASB Capital Management

“It’s a unique product…incredibly useful!” 

Dr. Carl Wyman, CTA, Former U.S. Trading Championship Winner

“Parallax turn forecasts are second to none.”

Albert Hallac, President, Weston Capital Management

“That was a pretty impressive ‘call’ you/your model made. It was a dramatic demonstration of the efficacy of your work. Congratulations.”
“Your Parallax Weekly Report is about the highest quality analysis one can find on the internet.”
“Your new capabilities regarding ETF pricing and valuation are excellent.”

Phil Zachary, Former Chairman, Daiwa Securities

“Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! That is what I think of your long term turn indicator for the S&P…. You are on the verge of something phenomenal in terms of market prediction and answering the toughest question of all – WHEN?” 

Mark Astley, Fund Manager, Millennium Global

“Once again the ExtremeHurst shows how amazing it is – the daily extension in US 30yr hit the high to the day last week.  There is not an indicator in the world, universe, cosmos etc which is any better.” – Mark Astley, Fund Manager, Millennium Global

“Using long term ExtremeHurst signals allowed me to gain a significant edge in the asset allocation process.”

“ExtremeHurst has proven to be an invaluable tool for managing risk across a wide variety of financial instruments.”

“ExtremeHurst is a Game Changer”