ExtremeHurst™ on Bloomberg

ExtremeHurst is on the Bloomberg Terminal in different forms and can be accessed by entering “APPS EHURST” for the scanner, “APPS CS:PFR” for G chart overlays, or “APPS PFEX” for our EXCEL add-in. The Bloomberg platform was chosen as a host for this product because of its exclusive access to worldwide financial data on all time scales, and because of its position as the leading institutional platform. For the first time ever, subscribers will be able to search the world for Extension and Compression signals! Our product is written using Microsoft’s .NET library, the C# programming language, and then linked to Bloomberg data servers through the Bloomberg API.

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For Bloomberg products, contact Howard Chueh:
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Bloomberg at: hchueh3@bloomberg.net or IB Chat at: HCHUEH1

The users guide for this product can be found here.