A quick overview of our products. Click the headings for more details:

Price Wizard

Price Wizard™ is a suite of industry‐scoped and multi‐factor neural-network equity models that were pre‐trained to convert recently reported company fundamentals into a current estimated market price.


ExtremeHurst™ is a quantitative detector of extreme investor behavior. Specifically, strong trend-persistent stock price movements are evidence of positive feedback, such as investors irrationally buying because the price is going up…which drives prices higher, etc.

Precision Turn

The Precision Turn™ indicator will give you the dates of the most likely turning points in the markets well in advance, allowing you to focus your expertise on detecting whether a market is at a top or a bottom.


SmartChannel™ is a trend prediction tool based on investor-created feedback loops. 


Volume tends to expand in the direction of a trend and contract in a retracement. If investors change directions during retracements, they lose the benefits of riding the full trend. VolumeTrend™ distinguishes trends from adjustments, using sophisticated Hurst technology.

Additional Products

We also sell an EXCEL Add-in to Send Alert Messages via Email, and a number of Additional Platform Predictors. Click the heading above for more details!