Exclusive Licensing

Client Relationships

Parallax Financial Research is a small research boutique serving professional money managers, traders, strategists, consultants, and brokers. We have two basic types of client relationships: product licensing, and research and development services.     

Parallax Product Licensing

Clients may non-exclusively license our software, or purchase a subscription to our website or e-mail products, without involving Parallax in the client’s business. We keep the products updated, but provide no regular consulting. Under this plan, we do sometimes build a new client-requested product on a non-exclusive basis.

Parallax Research & Development Services

Parallax can integrate with or become your quantitative research & development department, helping to test current products, roll out new ones, and provide live support, conference calls, programming, and access to all unrestricted Parallax technology. In return for this, we charge a retainer fee that incorporates a base fee plus some appropriate (negotiated) business participation amount, adjusted from time to time as the business changes. Under this plan, we offer exclusive licenses on all products built for the client.

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