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Market Report

I. Parallax Market Report

Review of Selected Markets

Each week, we review the best predictors on a set of over 100 selected daily, weekly, and monthly market charts, covering equity indices, futures, rates, oil, gold, and many more. The review covers turn forecasts and clusters, extensions, compressions, price-volume crossovers, volumetrend, equity valuation, and overall technical rank. We also value all of the S&P 500 stocks and the S&P Sector SPDRs. The Parallax Market Report is published by e-mail bi-weekly. If you purchase a report, we will immediately send you the latest available report, and also include the next one at no additional cost.

Finding the Perfect Storm

Occasionally all of the predictors line up in a way that leads to a high-probability forecast. The report below was just such an event. A confluence of turns, extensions, valuation, and technical rank led to a strong buy signal in stocks in early October, 2002.

Parallax Market Report

Don't Miss the Next BIG ONE !

Every so often there is a signal so large that we call it generational, since it may effect a whole generation of investors. ExtremeHurst is uniquely able to detect bubbles, busts, or the start of new trends on any scale. Check our report regularly for the latest.

Generational Stock Market Tops

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II. ExtremeHurst Nightly E-mail

ExtremeHurst Analyst v7.0 is available separately as a nightly e-mail for a fee, or for free with a license to our Parallax Solutions Platform on TradeStation or Bloomberg. The nightly e-mails cover US and some foreign markets on daily, weekly and monthly time scales. We offer this separate e-mail service for up to a year prior to the license of one of our full platforms, so that users can experience how predictive ExtremeHurst signals are. Signal durations scale with the data and have the biggest impact on prices within 20-40 bars. There are 3 signal types: 1) Top Extensions - These mark the end of a preceding uptrend period . Expect flat to lower prices 2) Bottom Extensions - These mark the end of a preceding downtrend period. Expect flat to higher prices 3) Compressions - These mark the end of a preceding trendless period. Expect a new persistent up or down trend

ExtremeHurst E-mail

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