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Parallax: Precision Turn™ On-Line

Precision Turn On-Line

Precision Turn™ Calendars

Precision Turn utilizes chaos theory to accurately forecast when a market could change direction. This state-of-the-art tool can be used to time trades more precisely by identifying critical high-probability turn days. Daily- and weekly-scale trend change dates are posted on our online turn calendars up to ten days in advance, while hourly-scale forecasts are posted on our hourly turn calendar 24 hours in advance. These turns highlight "inflection points" in the market. That is, a high, low or beginning/end of a move. Precision Turn calendars cover 63 futures and commodity markets and 100 top S&P 500 stocks.

Example hourly, daily and weekly Precision Turn calendars

Features of Precision Turn calendars

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Precision Turn™ Charts

For detailed analysis of a market's turns, and for a longer-term view of previous and upcoming turns, we provide Precision Turn charts. The charts display a continuous turn-magnitude indicator; spikes on the indicator signal turns. Monthly charts are available for all Precision Turn markets, and long-trend charts are available for the Dow Bond Index and DJIA.

Example Precision Turn chart

Interpreting Precision Turn charts


TurnAlert™ Reports

TurnAlert represents a unique technical-analysis tool that combines the new technologies of chaos theory and neural networks. The Precision Turn Indicator provides turn timing information. The turn direction problem was solved in a different manner: using a neural network, it is possible to generalize the relationship between price, time, volume and sentiment that characterize a top or bottom in price.

TurnAlert brings these two forecasting methods together, along with a simple trading strategy, and produces a report which is included as part of Precision Turn On-Line. The reports are computer generated automatically after the close of the market on the day of the projected turn. (Because we need to analyze sentiment data, which is available only after the close, the TurnAlert report can only be produced after the close on the turn day. The Daily Sentiment Index is provided by MBH Commodities.) Each report contains the direction, the date of the next turn, and a chart of recent daily activity. Price trend channels are shown to assist in the development of a trading strategy, and a trade reverse point is also suggested. We think you'll find TurnAlert to be a unique, consistent and invaluable trading tool. TurnAlert reports are available for 34 selected markets.

Example TurnAlert Report

Description of TurnAlert Report

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