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About Parallax

Parallax Financial Research, Inc., is a small scientific research boutique in Redmond, WA. The firm empowers professional money managers with a distinct edge through its unique fundamental and quantitative security models. Our models are composed of individual "predictors" which are based on the financial application of both chaos and complexity theories, and presented in clear, trustworthy visualizations. These predictors are blended into forecasting models using genetically-enhanced neural networks. Our careful application of these mathematical modeling techniques yields unique and powerful solutions to enhance manager performance.

Chaos theory is the scientific theory of non-linear systems. These are systems in which some of the outputs are fed back as new inputs, forming the next set of outputs, and so on. An auction market, is an example of a feedback system. By understanding the theoretical characteristics of these systems, Parallax has been able to build better predictors than has previously been possible.

Parallax uses neural networks throughout its products. A neural network is a mathematical tool that can be trained by example. By providing neural networks with historical data, Parallax can dynamically weight the importance of each predictor, so a final buy/hold/sell forecast can be generated in a consistent manner and with scientific objectivity.

The president of Parallax, S. Kris Kaufman, has degrees in both physics and math. He spent over 15 years in geophysical research as a senior staff geophysicist and project manager for Halliburton subsidiary Sierra Geophysics. His projects included non-linear inversion modeling, 3-D seismic wave propagation modeling, and writing the first commercial 3-D wave propagation software for the oil industry.

Sierra Quik Products

Kaufman incorporated Parallax in 1990. Douglas Frick, vice president, has a master's degree in Information and Computer Sciences, and a background in mathematics and software engineering. He is also a former employee of Sierra Geophysics.

The company develops and tests algorithms, incorporates them in practical software, licenses customers, and even delivers custom alerts at critical times. Parallax also provides one-on-one services to a few select money managers by incorporating its technology into the manager's current investment discipline.

Parallax software is licensed, not sold. Our products can be found on either Bloomberg or TradeStation platforms, and run on Windows-compatible computers; Our complete software library is called the Parallax Solutions Platform.